Terms and conditions

Topseller service is based on internet and providing service for verified and non verified customers/visitors. We request you to follow common guidelines and rules and regulation approved by Sri Lanka government thought different act. Whoever who is breaking this concept we are not ready to protect them from such incident. As a full Sri Lankan based business, we are fully responsible for legal authority to provide basic information’s of such incident.

We do not publish advertisement without manual checking. All the publishing content has to approve by moderator. We have full authority to delete advertisement and we do not edit your own ads. We will not process such request. By any chance if you get affected by another member activity (such as advertisement content copy, fake ads) you can comment on the product by visiting the product page or directly send us an email. Our investigation process first step is deactivating such ads. Unless both party get agreed on certain condition we will not allow such users to publish advertisement and we will maintain a black listed customer list and information will be shared with other service providers, to provide a better service for our society.

With such activity losing your values / personal or business achievement or any trade values, topseller is not responsible. If you get any query on this please contact us